We offer dance classes for ages 3 and older in Recreational levels, Pre-Competitive levels (6 or less hours per week) and Competitive levels (6 or more hours per week).


Jazz is an energetic and fun style of dance, consisting of movements that are upbeat and sharp. Big leaps, turns, and body isolations often taught to popular music.


Tap dance focuses on rhythm by using the shoes as a percussive intrument. Tap dance class is focused on rhythm control, balance, proper stance and musicality.


A form of street style dance. Movement is loose and relaxed performed to hip hop and popular music.


A classical form of dance focused on upper body alignment and fluid movement. The Royal Academy of Dance syllabus is the base of all ballet classes taught at the studio.


In acro class, students learn gymnastic floor skills and then are combined with dance skills. Emphasis is on building strength and increasing flexibility.